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For an explanation of these pictures you must look on my "SUW '98 Walking" pages. When you use Internet Explorer you can point at the pictures. After a second or two a short explanation will be shown. To view the fullsized picture click on the thumbnails.


Leaving the port of RotterdamLeaving the port of RotterdamOur tentA picture of myself. They even named a street after me.

The harbour of PortpatrickPortpatrick, seen from the harbourStart of the Southern Upland WayWhite Loch near Castle Kennedy

The woods near Water of LuceKilhern heather moorsNot a spaceship but the Beehive BothyLook how comfortable the bothy is

Too bad, the trees were cut downThe water of TroolA view of Loch TroolThe White Laggan Bothy

A view of Loch DeeI got stung by MIDGES. Look at the results.St John's Town of DalryA view of the countryside

The church of Dalry was for saleA view of the surroundings of SanquharAn old lead smelter near WanlockheadWanlockhead. The highest inhabited village of Scotland.

Coming out of the clouds on the Lowther HillWamphray WaterThe Selcoth Burn near Craigmichen ScarCraigmichen Scar

Craigmichen Scar againLooking trough the valley near Croft HeadThe Over Phawhope Bothy in the valley belowThe Over Phawhope Bothy

Evening at the Over Phawhope BothyThe official opening of the Southern Upland Way plaqueSt. Mary's LochSt. Mary's Loch again

Blackhouse TowerA picture of myselfa picture of Dirk de LeeuwInnerleithen can be seen in the middle of the picure

Innerleithen againThree distinctive hills near Melrose on the rightAbbotsford. The house of Sir Walter Scot.Melrose abbey

Melrose abbeyThe suspension bridge near Melrose. Watch the sign above.The suspension bridge near MelroseOn our way to Lauder

A nice house near LauderThirlestane CastleWatch Water Reservoir below the Twin CairnsHeather moors below the Twin Cairns

Abbey St Bathans houseA sign leading the wayCove HarbourThe east coast at last

Rogier de VroomenImage of myself near the coastThe harbour of Hull

Myself at the end of the SUWRogier at the end of the SUW

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