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Walking, day 9

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Date   9 July 1998
Stretch Sanquhar - Wanlockhead
Distance 16 km
Height range 140-480 m
Terrain A short stretch. There can be a cold wind on the high grounds.

This stretch is short and the waymarking is clear. There isn't much to tell. When you leave Sanquhar early you will have some time to vist the Leadmining Museum in Wanlockhead.

After leaving the Castle View Caravan park you first must walk back towards the town. Halfway town you must turn right and head uphill. A road leads up above the town. The road changes to a path leading through some fields. After walking through the field you will reach an other road. Follow this road to the right and then follow the path leading uphill.
After walking across the hill you can see Cogshead in the next valley. Behind Cogshead a path leads up again. Follow this path and continue along the ridge of the hills. After walking for a while you can see Wanlockhead lying in the next valley. You can also see the radar towers on the Lowther Hill behind Wanlockhead.  When you walk down towards Wanlockhead you will see a lot of debris. These are the remains of the leadmines in the surrounding area.
You can also see several circles where the heather is burned down. This is done to provide the grouses with young heather plants. There is a lot of grousehunting in the area and by providing the grouses with fresh plants you can count on a steady growth of the grouse population.

An old lead smelter near WanlockheadAn old lead smelter near Wanlockhead

When you have reached the valley you can walk along the river towards Wanlockhead. Wanlockhead is the highest inhibited town in Scotland and lies 480 metres above sea level. There is a very interesting museum which is well worth visiting.

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