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Walking, day 8

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Date   8 July 1998
Stretch Polskeoch bothy - Sanquhar
Distance 14 km
Height range 140-455 m
Terrain A nice and easy stretch. A long road to follow and only a small climb.

After leaving the bothy very early we had a very easy walk. The dirtroad changed in a tarmac road and we could continue this road for a long while. After reaching the Polgown farm you will have to turn left and head into a field. You will follow a hill and will gradualy climb to 455 metres.

A view of the surroundings of SanquharA view over the hills near Sanquhar

After reaching this point you can look down into the next valley and you can see Sanquhar. Do not think you are there. You will have to walk for an hour or so before you will reach the outskirts of the town. Luckily it is all downhill. When you reach the Main Street of Sanquhar you can follow it until you reach a gasstation. Behind this gasstation is Castle View caravan park.

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