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Walking, day 7

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Date   7 July 1998
Stretch Dalry - Polskeoch bothy
Distance 26 km
Height range 70-580 m
Terrain A fairly long stretch across remote country. Much of the route is open hill and moorland. Some high hills to climb.

We left Dalry at 9:30 this morning. We wanted to leave earlier, but we had to wait for fresh bread to arrive. After getting some provisions we walked up the Main Street of Dalry.

The church of Dalry was for sale

On Main Street you will find this little church

The road starts to climb and after reaching the end of the road we will head into the field. After continuing the path through the field you will reach a long distance road. This road goes straight ahead for several kilometers.

A view of the countryside

A view of the countryside after leaving Dalry

After reaching a bridge you must turn right and follow the road for 500 metres. Then you must turn left and follow the path uphill. On the other side of the hill you must descend towards the Culmark farm. Be aware of the waymarkers. They have lost their white markings and are very easily overseen. We lost our way through the field once and it resulted in a difficult walk through rough terrain. The sun was shining when we walked this stretch but I can imagine that walking this stretch in rain or mist can pose serious difficulties.
After passing the farm you will continue your way on a dirtroad. After reaching the end of the road you will have to turn right towards the Stroanpatrick sheepfarm. You will pass the farm and will head uphill once again. You only have to follow the stone dyke.
The path leads straight towards the Manquhill Hill. This hill is first of three serious hills you will have to climb before you will reach the Polskeoch bothy. If you do not want to walk all the way to the Polskeoch bothy you can turn right and follow the forestry road towards the Manquhill bothy. We stayed in the Polskeoch bothy, but people told us afterwards that the Manquhill bothy is much nicer.
The path is very straightforward. All you have to do is follow it and climb three hills. (sounds easy doesn't it ? )First you will pass the Manquhill (421 m), then the Benbrack (580 m), followed by Black Hill (551 m). When you are standing on the Benbrack you can see the radar towers near Wanlockhead in front of you. On your left side you can see several windmills.
After reaching the forest on Black Hill you can follow the firebreak. The firebreak changes in a dirtroad and will lead you towards the Polskeoch bothy. Do not expect too much of this bothy. We thought it was the ugliest bothy on our walk.

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