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Walking, day 6

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Date   6 July 1998
Stretch Mid Garrary Scout Hut - Dalry
Distance 13 km
Height range 45-320 m
Terrain Hills and rugged scenery, but also a lot of roads. A nice stretch with a variety of landscapes.

We left the scout hut at 9:45. Because of our change of plans we had to walk only 13 km or so. From the scout hut we had to walk back towards the SUW. Arriving at the point where we left the route yesterday we turn left and head into a firebreak. The way leads up and you have to watch your steps on the rocks.
When you reach the end of the firebreak you will be facing a hill. When you reach the top of this hill you will have a nice view of the surroundings. The way goes downhill now. At the foot of the hill you can see the Clenrie farm. Here starts the road again. From there on it is an easy and straightforward walk. You will be walking on a road with forest on your left and meadows on your right.
The Garroch Burn runs on your right hand. After crossing the Garroch Bridge you will have to turn left. The path leads uphill. Don't be afraid this is your last climb of the day and you will be rewarded with a beautiful view of Dalry.

St John's Town of DalrySt. Johns town of Dalry

After reaching the summit you will head down hill. You will be passing the Earlstoun power station. When reaching the road turn right. After a short while you can turn left and walk along the side of a cornfield towards a suspension bridge. After crossing this bridge you are in the centre of Dalry. Here you can get provisions for the next part of your walk.

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