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Walking, day 5

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Date   5 July 1998
Stretch Loch Trool - Mid Garrary Scout Hut
Distance 15 km
Height range 45-320 m
Terrain Hills and rugged scenery, but also a lot of roads. This is a lengthy stretch and you will have to plan ahead.

After watching the soccer games yesterday we decided to walk towards the Mid Garrary Scout Hut. The walk starts with a steep climb through native forests. These forests are beautiful compared to the pine forests along the SUW. The path leads uphill over a boggy path with lots of sawed of tree trunks. walking this stretch is quite strenuous. You have to watch your steps the whole way. When you have climbed the first part you reach Loch Trool. Too bad it was raining when we walked this stretch. The view must be beautiful when the sun is shining.

A view of Loch Trool

A view of Loch Trool

The path continues along the Loch and at the end of the Loch you will have to follow the path along a small stream uphill. The path reaches a forest road and when you follow this road you will reach Loch Dee. Near Loch Dee you can find the White Laggan Bothy. We stayed there to have lunch. The bothy is small and cold. There wasn't any wood available and it was noticeable that it is a much frequented bothy. During our walk we have seen nicer bothies.

A view of Loch DeeThe White Laggan Bothy
left) A view of Loch Dee
right) The White Laggan Bothy

After leaving the Bothy you can follow the road. The road leads all the way towards Clatteringshaws Loch. We stayed in the Mid Garrary Scout Hut near Clatteringshaws Loch. You have to book this place in advance. It has toilets fresh water and a good propane heater. Especially this heater can be useful when you are soaked due to the rain. The toilets were outside and because of a broken window we had to share them with some birds. That caused a very hilarious situation.

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