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Walking, day 3

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Date   3 July 1998
Stretch Beehive Bothy Laggangairn - Bargrennan
Distance 20 km
Height range 45-250 m
Terrain Lengthy stretches of public road. Some wet and boggy paths.

Today we started walking around 9:30. First we made some tea using the water from the stream nearby. The water is very brown, but when you cook it it isn't that bad.
When you start walking you will head into the forest again. The road leads uphill through a fire-break. You will pass a clearing in the woods. A sign is standing there pointing downhill to the right. It points at "The wells o' the Rees". According to our travelguide these wells were well worth visiting, but when we went down the hill we didn't see a thing. We considered the little detour as useless and continued our way.
We continued our walk uphill through the fire-break. According to the travelguide we had to find an alternative path leading to a viewpoint, but all we found was a clearing where all the trees were chopped down. We had to pass the clearing along the side of the clearing because of all the treetrunks lying around.

Too bad, the trees were cut down

The path leading to the viewpoint is nowhere to be seen

After passing this clearing you will reach a dirt road used by the people who cut the trees. When you reach this road you will continue your walk downhill. When you get out of the woods and reach a farmhouse the dirt road changes into a tar road. This road will continue for quite a while. All you have to do is follow the road.
When you have passed the village of Knowe you will turn left. A path leads uphill over some wet and boggy grounds.At the top you will reach a road. When you follow the road it leads to the top of a hill. You will leave the road and climb the hill. On the top of the hill you will find an Ordnance Survey Measurement point. From the top of the hill you can see the village of Bargrennan. Do not get overexcited. The last descend is a slow one. You will pass some very wet grounds with lots of stones. Watch your step.
At the bottom of the hill you will reach a road. Turn left and follow the road. You will find a SUW waymarker pointing to the right. That way you will continue your walk along the Southern Upland Way. When you don't turn right and follow the road for a mile and a half you will find Glen Trool Holiday Park on your left hand.

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