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Walking, day 2

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Date   2 July 1998
Stretch Castle Kennedy - Beehive Bothy Laggangairn
Distance 23 km
Height range 45-250 m
Terrain Lengthy stretches of public road.
Low-lying moors can be extremely wet.

We started walking at 10:00. It was dry, but the sky was grey. The first part of the route goes through the park of "Castle Kennedy". The castle has some beautiful gardens, but we only saw them passing by. If you have some spare time the gardens are well worth visiting.

White Loch near Castle Kennedy White Loch near Castle Kennedy

After walking through the park you can continue your walk over some minor roads. Soon you will reach some woods. Too bad it is all forest plantation. Walking through a forest of planted pine trees isn't very exciting. Luckily you will reach a more natural forest. At the end of this forest you will have to make a steep descend. You will come out of the forest near a railway. You can pass this railway by using the stile on the right hand. Behind all the bushes there is a bridge, but you cannot see it until you have crossed the stile.

The woods near Water of Luce  Coming out of the woods near the Water of Luce

You will cross the Water of Luce. After passing this water you will go uphill towards the Kilhern heather moors. These moors can be very wet. The track trough these moors is straight and leads to Kilhern. At Kilhern the road turns to the left. You will pass some derelict buildings. When you are in need of water, there is a well nearby. When you reach the wall where the track leads to the left there is a small building with some rusted machinery in it. This was a pump house. Walk a bit to the back. There you will find a concrete slab. When you push this away you will find fresh water. There is some dust on top, but you do not have to worry about that. Take as much water as you like, but REMEMBER to put the slab back in its original place. Otherwise sheep excrement can make the well useless.

Kilhern heather moorsKilhern heather moors

Continuing along the path you will reach a road. At this point you can decide to go to New Luce or to walk on to the Beehive bothy. We decided to stay at the Beehive Bothy. You will have to continue the road to the right. At the end you must turn right. You will head uphill. Watch out for Waymarkers. You will climb a hill and at the top you will find a pine forest. You must follow the fire alley until you reach the Bothy. Do not get angry when you do not see the Bothy. It is hidden in a clearing in the woods. We almost decided to put up our tent in the fire alley, when we found the bothy (at last..... )
The bothy is maintained by the Mountain Bothy Association (MBA) and everyone can use them. Keep them nice, clean and tidy so everybody can enjoy their stay. When we arrived there were trashbags everywhere. One last advice: watch out for midges. When it is getting dark they come out. The floor of the bothy is not Midge-proof and they will come through the cracks in the floor. So be aware and use a repellant. I got stung when I went out to brush my teeth. I assure you, they attack on sight and when you are allergic to their bites you can get big red lumbs all over your body.

Not a spaceship but the Beehive BothyLook how comfortable the bothy is
left) The Beehive Bothy from the outside
right) The interior of the Beehive Bothy

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