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Walking, day 19

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Date   19 July 1998
Stretch Abbey St Bathans - Cockburnspath
Distance 17 km
Height range 0-310 m
Terrain An easy stretch over tarmac roads and through some fields.

This is the last stretch of the Southern Upland Way. It is an easy stretch and it isn't really worth desribing. The walk towards the coast goes over tarmac roads and when you follow the waymarkers you cannot miss it. The stretch itself isn't very beautiful, but the coast itself is. Too bad there is a big caravanpark at the end of your walk. No undisturbed coastline but a caravanpark and a nuclear power plant. I hate to admit it, but the end of the Southern Upland Way isn't nearly half as beautiful as it's beginning. The most disappointing was the village of Cockburnspath itself. The place was dead and deserted when we arrived on sunday afternoon after a walk through the rain. Even the local pub was closed. (or even closed down)

A sign leading the way

When you walk along the coastline you can reflect on your past walk. You have walked across the grain of the country and have seen very different sorts of surroundings. Although not every part of our walk was beautiful we were glad to experience this walk. We had a lot of fun while walking and met friendly and interesting people. We look forward towards another big walk and we hope it will be as much fun as this walk was for us.

Cove Harbour

Myself at the end of the SUWRogier de VroomenImage of myself near the coastRogier at the end of the SUW


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