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Walking, day 18

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Date   18 July 1998
Stretch Lauder - Abbey St Bathans
Distance 35 km
Height range 180-445 m
Terrain A lengthy stretch, but very straightforward. A lot of moors to be crossed. In bad weather the stretch can become difficult.

This is the longest stretch of the route. There are no facilities to camp overnight so you have to find a place somewhere in the field. Only two days to go towards the end of the SUW.
After leaving Lauder you will have to climb again. The road leads towards a field and from there on you have to watch your route. There aren't too much waymarkers but with fair weather they can be seen. With fog or rain it can be difficult to find your way. Stay with the sides of the fields.
When you reach the top of the first hill you can see that there are some more to follow. You have to go down and up again and again untill you reach a valley with a small stream running through it. Cross the stream and climb the last hill. Head for the road through the forest. When you reach this road you will only have to follow the long dirtroad towards the "Twin Law" cairns. They can be seen on your right hand side.

Watch Water Reservoir below the Twin CairnsHeather moors below the Twin CairnsSurroundings near the Twin Law cairns

When you reach the cairns you can see moors on all sides. Below you can see the Watch Water Reservoir. Continue your walk towards the reservoir and follow the road around it. The tarmac road you are now on continues towards Longformacus. When you arive in Longformacus you have walked 25 km. In Longformacus are some places to stay and you can pitch your tent in some of the surrounding fields.
We walked on towards Abbey St Bathans. After walking through Longformacus you continue the tarmac road for a while and then you must take a diversion to the right. At the time we walked this stretch we had to take a diversion which wasn't marked on the map. Pay close attention to the waymarkers.
After a while you will reach a forest. There is a road all the way towards Abbey St Bathans. On the map you can see that the road runs along the river bank but that isn't exactly true. The river runs a bit lower and you can't pitch your tent until you reach Abbey St Bathans. Abbey St Bathans isn't a big place but the people who live there are helpful and will show you a place to pitch your tent.

Abbey St Bathans houseAbbey St Bathans House

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