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Walking, day 17

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Date   17 July 1998
Stretch Melrose - Lauder
Distance 15 km
Height range 85-285 m
Terrain A very straightforward walk. Mainly roads and good paths.

Today only a short stretch towards Lauder. After leaving Melrose you will cross a suspensionbridge. It is a beautiful old bridge and it crosses the river Tweed. Read the sign above the arch carefully. The penalty for contravention of the byelaws is 2 Pound Sterling or imprisonment. Surely these rules must come from the time the bridge was built: the year 1826.

The suspension bridge near Melrose. Watch the sign above.The suspension bridge near Melrose

left) Notice the sign under the arch
right) The suspension bridge over the Tweed



After crossing the bridge follow the road. The road leads uphill and changes into a path through a field. At the end of the path you reach a road again. Follow the road all the way and do not take a turnoff. When you reach Fordswell turn left under the high voltage cables. Follow the path through the field. You will pass the Lauder Golf Course. You can see Lauder downhill.

A nice house near LauderThirlestane Castleright) Thirlstane Castle

Lauder is a small place. It has a campsite which is part of the Thirlstane Castle Estate. When you stay at this campsite you can get some discount coupons from your campsite warden. With the coupons you can get reduction on your admission fee to Thirlstane Castle. Thirlstane Castle is worth visiting. The only problem is that it is only opened for a few hours in the afternoon. Nonetheless go on and take a look.

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