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Walking, day 15

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Date   15 July 1998
Stretch Broadmeadows Youth Hostel - Melrose
Distance 17 km
Height range 525-120 m
Terrain A boring stretch through Galashiels. No nature at all and a lot of tarmac.

After leaving the Youth Hostel you will turn back towards the path. Follow the path and after a while you will reach the 'Three Brethren" Cairn's on Minchmuir. From this point you have a good view over the next valley. You can see three distictive hills on your right hand side. At the foot of these hills lies Melrose. The road continues through some forest and eventually you will reach the outskirts of Galashiels.

Three distinctive hills near Melrose on the rightThree distinctive hills on your right hand side

The walk through Galashiels is very boring and it isn't very useful to tell you about this part. The road is clearly marked and you will find your way easily. The only nice thing on your walk from Galashiels towards Melrose is your view on Abbotsford.

Abbotsford. The house of Sir Walter Scot.Abbotsford

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