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Walking, day 14

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Date   14 July 1998
Stretch Innerleithen - Broadmeadows Youth Hostel
Distance 14 km
Height range 120-500 m
Terrain Easy. Clearly marked path.

As we are reaching the end of the SUW faster and faster the road is getting easier also. Almost all the way leads over road these days. You also find more villages and even when you are walking in the hills a road is allways nearby.
When you leave Innerleithen you will have to walk back to where you saw the turnoff last day. Turn left to head uphill. You will pass the Minch Moor Bothy. A simple bothy without a furnace or something. Follow the road and head into the woods. You will follow the forestroad untill you reach a path. Follow the path. You will find the Minch Moor hill with a viewpoint and the Cheese Well.
Continue the path and you will find a sign pointing to the right. It points towards Broadmeadows Youth Hostel. The Hostel itself is a very small but nice Hostel.

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