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Walking, day 13

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Date   13 July 1998
Stretch St Mary's Loch - Innerleithen
Distance 22 km
Height range 160-475 m
Terrain Good tracks and paths. Road near Traquair

After leaving St Mary's Loch you must follow the path along the shores of the Loch. At the end of the Loch you will have to cross a road and a stile. You must follow the path through the fields uphill. You will pass Blackhouse Tower on your left.

Blackhouse TowerBlackhouse tower

Follow the path and you will go down towards a burn. Cross the bridge and walk towards the forest. Follow the forestroad uphill. You will reach some moor covered hills. Follow the clearly marked path and you will see Innerleithen in a while. Don't be overjoyed, it is still quite a distance.

Innerleithen againInnerleithen in the distance

Following the path downhill you will reach a road. This road continues towards Traquair and Innerleithen. Just before Innerleithen there is a turnoff towards the right. You can find a bothy in which you can stay a bit further. We continued towards Innerleithen itself. After three days of walking we wanted to replenish our supplies and have a good shower. To reach Innerleithen itself you just have to follow the road.

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