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Walking, day 12

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Date   12 July 1998
Stretch Over Phawhope Bothy - St Mary's Loch
Distance 18 km
Height range 100-450 m
Terrain A long tarmac road and some hills to climb. Fairly easy to walk.

After leaving the bothy you will have to cross a small stream and to reach a dirtroad. After a short while the dirtroad changes into a tarmac road. You can continue the road along the Ettrick Water. This road is very flat and you can walk it fairly fast. When you reach the turn to the right near Scabcleuch you will have to leave the road and turn left. You will be facing a hill and you have to climb this all the way. The path leading upwards follows the Scabcleuch Burn. When it is raining a lot (which it did when we walked this stretch) the burn can grow rapidly into a river and can make crossing difficult.
Follow the ridge of the hills and than turn right towards the ruins of Riskinhope Hope. Cross the burn and climb the path which follows. When you reach the dirtroad at the top you must turn left. You will see St Mary's Loch lying below. You can have a decent meal at Tibbie Shiels Inn and you can put up your tent in their backyard. When you have some wet clothes or shoes you can put them in the drying cupboard in the hall.

St. Mary's LochThe official opening of the Southern Upland Way plaque
left) St Mary's Loch
right) Memorial Plague of the opening of the SUW


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