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Walking, day 11

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Date   11 July 1998
Stretch Brattleburn Bothy - Over Phawhope Bothy
Distance 25 km
Height range 100-525 m
Terrain A long stretch but mainly on tarmac roads. The last piece of the stretch goes uphill and can be demanding when you are tired. Between Beattock and Innerleithen are no villages or shops. Plan your walk in advance !

We decided to walk this piece in one part. When you walk this stretch in one part you must keep in mind that when you pass Beattock you will not find a shop untill you reach Innerleithen. And Innerleithen is 3 days of walking from the Brattleburn Bothy. We took enough food with us when we left Wanlockhead and we bought some bread and milk on our way on a campsite in Beattock.
We left the Bothy early in the morning and headed towards the firebreak from the day before. From there on you only have to follow the break while it leads downhill. The walk is straightforward and leads through the woods. Eventualy you will reach a tarmac road. While you are descedning the road towards Beattock you have a good view of the valley. You can see Moffat on your left hand side. Moffat is a big town where you can rest for a while and where you can buy provisions. You can leave the SUW at this point. There is a busstop in Moffat and the busses can bring you to any big city in a few hours.
After passing Beattock you will have to pass the motorway and continue your walk over the tarmac road. Eventually you will have to leave the road for a short while and climb a small hill to reach the road lying behind it. The road continues and after a while you will have to leave the road again. You will follow a footpath along the Moffat Water. At the end of this path you will find a road which leads to a gate with a cattle grid. Behind this gate begins a dirtroad which leads towards the forests.
You can follow the road until you reach a sharp turn to the right.

Wamphray WaterWamphray Water just after the turn to the right

At this turn you will have to leave the road and follow the path. This is a very boggy and wet stretch. You will have to follow and cross the Wamphray Water several times until you reach Ettrick Head. When it has rained a lot the small stream can become quite big and it can become dificult to find a place to cross without getting your feet wet. At the end of the path you will find Ettrick Head. Here you will climb the hill on your right and find the Craigmichen Scar. Watch your step. You will have to follow a very small track.

The Selcoth Burn near Craigmichen ScarCraigmichen ScarThe Over Phawhope Bothy in the valley belowleft) The Selcoth Burn near Craigmichen Scar
middle) A picture of myself with Craigmichen Scar in the background
right) The Over Phawhope Bothy next to the tree


After walking throug Craigmichen Scar you will have to walk a through a field and descend through a fire break. Follow the road at the end of the firebreak to the right and you can see the Over Phawhope Bothy lying in the valley below. Enjoy your stay.

The Over Phawhope BothyEvening at the Over Phawhope Bothy

left) The Over Phawhope Bothy
right) Evening at the Over Phawhope Bothy


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