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Walking, day 10

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Date   10 July 1998
Stretch Wanlockhead - Brattleburn Bothy
Distance 22 km
Height range 100-710 m
Terrain A lengthy stretch with lots of steep climbs. The Lowther Hill is often covered in clouds.

Wanlockhead is the last town on the route before Innerleithen where provisions can be bought without making a big detour. You can buy provisions at the local post office/general store.
After leaving Wanlockhead you will be facing the highest hill on your walk: The Lowther Hill. This hill is 730 metres high. You will have to climb it directly after leaving town. After climbing this hill you will have a fantastic view. At least when the hill isn't covered in clouds. When we walked this stretch we had to walk in mist so we didn't see a thing on top of the hill. (too bad)

Wanlockhead. The highest inhabited village of Scotland.Coming out of the clouds on the Lowther Hill
Wanlockhead seen from the Lowther Hill
right) Coming out of the mist on Lowther Hill

After climbing the Lowther Hill you have to walk downhill. The path is easy to follow but you will have to be careful. A long, steep and slippery descend is coming. After descending you will have to climb the next hill and this routine continues two times. the last hill to climb is so steep that we had to climb it on hand and feet. A walking stick could be a useful tool on this part of your walk.
After climbing this last hill you have had the worse part of the stretch. You will reach a road and when you follow this road for a kilometer you will have to turn right. You will be heading towards a firebreak in a forest. Follow the break and then turn right. You are now walking on a dirtroad. When you continue to follow this road you will reach Dear Reservoir.
After passing Dear Reservoir you will have to follow the path leading through the field behind the reservoir. You will have to climb the last hill of the day. When you reach the edge of the forest look for the firebreak. This break descends and leads towards a small stream. just before the stream you have to turn right. Follow the stream about 500 metres uphill to find the Brattleburn Bothy lying hidden between the woods. Enjoy your stay in this small and nice bothy. Take a bit of time to reflect on your past days of walking. You are now half way and you have passed the highest hill on your voyage.

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